fun time- Boxroom Escape Rooms

Live a fun time- Boxroom Escape Rooms

Togetherness with friends and family, a subjective approach and rather a frivolous one! Why not enjoy a life that is given to fun and frolic! The theme rooms in Downtown Hollywood, Escape Room in Florida are a must visit for this purpose and merry. Designed by the master game designers it has what it takes to be the ultimate gaming destination but a living one.

This is probably, near and dear ones screaming for it and especially around it, playing!

Finding out what’s next is a human’s basic tendency. And on top of it children are as very curious in nature.So a healthy gaming is by far approved system of unravelling a mystery or perhaps a puzzle to solve. The basics are clear that the common sense plays the role and obviously a sole sense to discover and urge to find far. So, gaming is a process in (Boxroom) Escape Rooms in Florida.

Components of the game

  • Merlin’s Wizarding Academy

 60 minutes and 2-7 players

A Medieval Castle that can be explode the home of the Knights of the round table King Arthur and his biggest helper Merlin the wizard.

  • Haunted pirate ship wreck

60 minutes and 2-7players

You will also find a location of shipwrecks, one of the successful Cruises of the golden age of piracy and the Treasure Hunters will also get to trace the gold, and everyone knows that pirate Treasures are always well hidden and well guarded.

Escape Rooms

  • Operation Saving Hollywood

 60 minutes and 2-8 players

The best activities you can find in this super enjoying game. The local authorities are afraid of rumours open attack on Downtown Hollywood have been leaked and they may not handle the situation so, your team is the Box room Intelligence Agency, the best detectives that you are,has to move swiftly because our quaint city of Hollywood is in grave danger as per the ‘story game’.

  • Virtual reality attraction

The duration is 2 minutes and a multitude of 18 VR films and games to choose from.

Only one player can play the game. Another caper you can enjoy is a VR attraction powered by Oculus Rift.This lets players experience anything from the first point of view. This encompasses a crazy roller coaster ride, Wingsuit flight or a Desert Rally race on top of that moving platform and wind machine compliment the action to create a sensation of absolute immersion. Enjoying? Isn’t that?


The reality and virtual is an amalgamation and the player, ‘smart’! Gaining a good idea for a weekend to Escape Rooms in Florida, is just the way. Playing and giving oneself an experience of getting back to life and the fact that the child in you doesn’t need to grow up!