Loris Vitry: the French Coach that Helps You Fight Stress

Just like most of us, you may sometimesfeelstressed, irritated, discouraged, exhausted or on the verge of burnout.It is easy to say that you can relieve stress by doing some breathing exercises. But the truth is thatit is more difficult than you may think. Plus, there are tons of types of breathing techniques and you can have hard time to pick one and know how to do it correctly. The best solution is then to follow Loris Vitry’s special advises, a French coach who will help you learn and understand the benefits of intermittent breathing on your well-being.

Who is Loris Vitry?

Born, raised and living in the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, Loris Vitry is a professional breathing coach who proposes his services to people who want to put an end to stress and anxiety. According to him, he is now feeling happy and fulfilled whether physically ormentally. But during his difficult childhood and adolescence, he experienced many health problems such as stress, anxiety, overweight, indigestion, depression and excessive fatigue. Later, it all ended by a burnout.

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These health problems which were accompanied by chaotic emotions have somewhat conditioned his adult life towards a single objective: the search for happiness and health. With the benefit ofhindsight, he realized that this is also the goal of most people.For over ten years, he has tested lots of methods to reach his goal but to no avail,until he discovered the healing power of breathing, intermittent breathing to be more specific.

Why Call upon Loris Vitry as a Stress Management Coach?

The main goal is to master intermittent breathing in order to prevent and relieve stress effectively. In a nutshell, this respiratory technique is about breathing normally but with a breakbefore exhaling. The fact is that is easier said than done. You need to be advised by a competent coach to succeed it.Our currentway and rhythm of living facilitate the development of stress and anxiety.

Physiologically, the origin of stress is in our brain which recognizes and responds to stressors with a rather limited range of possibilities. The breathing coach will help you find the right response which is more serene and more effective. This response is obviously intermittent breathing. Loris Vitry does not only teach you how to breathe correctly in order to manage stress, he also suggests approaches from positive psychology, neuroscience, sociology, relaxation technique and other anti-stress methods.