Online streaming

Streaming is legal or not


It is very easy to watch our favorite movie or television series for free through free streaming site like movies123 etc. Of course it is easy but the activity of streaming is considered as illegal along with risk of viruses. Streaming of the online content which is unlicensed is illegal. There are two cases which violates the law because of free streaming. First, if a person downloads a part of streaming as it is a copy of a copyright content, then it is illegal. Also if a person use the stream for public showcases it is also a violation of copyright.

principle of online streaming

Online streaming have not its own content

Although the online streaming have not their content, it act as a search engine which is linked by a secondary site to stream the content .In this way it empower user forĀ  infringing the copyright. The secondary site which consist the real content, they could also violate the law of copyright but they are not that much big as primary site.

Working principle of online streaming

Firstly, one goes to the site and stream the content what he/ she want to know. As we know the streaming site work as a search engine, hence it will show related link for what was being searched and these link refer to the secondary site which have content .When user click on play the content are being fetched by the secondary website. Secondary site is hosted by the server and after clicking play, the file appears to the user by server streaming to the primary website. Lastly, the decoder software in laptop, computer, and mobile decode the streaming and his video will be played.


Hence, free streaming movies and television series is not legal because it violates the copyright law. In spite of having many heralds in the way of piracy it is more popular among users because it provides the online video streaming for free without sign or many more. Since much time it has happens that the movie which was not released was on the internet. In this way it affects the earning as well as popularity of the film industry along with TV industry. Due to this reason free streaming has became enemy of copyright company.