Are you confused or stuck while writing your healthcare resume? Do check out these amazing tips that will make your job easier. A Healthcare resume writing should be impressive and must prove your healthcare skills, commitment to quality, experience, an ability to evaluate yourself, your department and your peers. A resume is a way to sell and market your own self and skills in front of the hiring manager, so do mention your key selling points in the resume. A right document written in the right way is the best way to lead you to the interview room.

Resume or CV which is best for you

Resume – if you are seeking a position in the administrative or back-office operations in the healthcare industry then a resume is preferred. In case of management position, your resume must be of a reverse chronological format in which your skills and experience can be evaluated according to the needs of the organization. A resume is also a must if you are looking to get a job in the field of accounting, plant operations, MIS, purchasing, and other managerial departments of the healthcare organisation.

CV – medical, scientific, and academic professionals make use of curriculum vitae which must have a subtle tone of modesty. All your credentials and qualifications must be mentioned in the resume about your achievements. Make sure to include your educational degrees, professional experience, publications, awards and honors, conferences, speaking engagements, and affiliations. Do not boast too much in the CV. The length varies according to ones experience.

Healthcares resume writing skills to get a job interview

Make use of these skills and phrases in the resume to get a better job interview

  • Caseload – describe the caseload you have managed which must include the number of patients served and challenges faced in your professional life.
  • Computer skills – with emerging technology it is important to mention relevant computer skills and technical expertise in the technical summary section.
  • Continuous Quality initiatives – show your understanding of the system and process analysis, qualitative oversight, and problem identification.
  • Fundraising – if you have done some communication to develop funding streams then mention in the resume.

Apart from this mention details of your research or publications, program development, and expansion, training, or working in an interdisciplinary team.

Tips for an effective healthcare resume writing

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