When it comes to googling something like ‘best detox drinks for drug tests’, it’s no surprise that you’ll be flooded with an insane amount of advertisements and bogus claims, testimonials, and reviews. After all, business is cold and ruthless, and business knows that those particular search terms indicate a person who is in distress, and possibly panicking. Greedy businesses will of course pounce on the possibility of panicked customers that will buy the first product they see with a flashy and colorful slogan. Thankfully, you don’t have to fall for this if you keep your wits about you. No matter what, you need to do your very best to remain calm and patiently do some reliable research before you make any purchases or hasty decisions if you’re worried about passing a drug test. Not every detox drink is a scam, but this article’s here to give you a few solid examples of some of the best detox drinks for drug tests out there, that might even help you with your worries about substances besides cannabis.

Clear Choice

This is easily the oldest and most famous detox drink easily available online. The catch to this is that, of course, many people attempt to imitate this product and provide their own ineffective and useless solution instead. Make sure if you decide to purchase this detox cleanser that you buy it directly from the Rescue Cleanse Clear Choice Store. This is the most expensive option you have, because hey, you can’t blame the guys for charging heavy for their premium product, but it’s widely trusted since 1993 for a reason. If the simple instructions are properly observed, you’re nearly 100% guaranteed to pass your drug test. I say ‘nearly 100%’ because even with the very best detox drinks for drug tests, the human body is complex and there are always exceptions for all sorts of reasons.


A bit more of a budget option, you can’t go wrong with Detoxify’s Mega Clean drink either. The only downside is that it requires a bit more responsibility, since you need to take some pre-cleanse pills 12-24 hours before you take the detox drink, but besides that the instructions are similar to Clear Choice.

The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Tests You Can Actually Trust

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