When it comes to making a list of popular games in Google Store, Choices Stories You Play shall definitely come into that list. The game has more than 3 million users, as per the data released by Google. Hence, there is no question regarding popularity of this game. The most highlighting part about this game is its plot or story. A lot of twists and turns in the plot make this game exciting indeed. It is to be reminded that it is a ‘freemium’ game. That means playing the game is free though you may have to make certain investments to purchase coins as well as diamonds to make progress on the game play mode.

In order to play this game with minimal expenses or potentially zero expenses, you should follow a few tips which are furnished in the following section.

Learn to Earn the Diamonds

Earning diamonds is important as they are the main currencies of the game. Now, diamonds can be earned in two ways. First of all, you can simply purchase them by buying the packages. If you do not want to make such expenses from your pocket, you should be focused on the playing mode. There will be numerous opportunities for earning diamonds. Not a single opportunity should be spared in this case. Make attempts to earn as much diamonds as possible by enhancing your playing skills. Nevertheless, completing chapters will also fetch diamonds to you.

Turn into Key Master

To make progress in the game, you need to accumulate as much diamonds and keys as possible. They can always be purchased from the store option of the game interface. But, without buying them or making expenses for them, you can also earn them by enhancing your skills. So, you have to sharpen your skill for playing the game so that you can earn more and more keys. Playing choices stories you play gets exciting when you have more diamonds and keys along with you.

Avoid Replays

Every time you complete chapter, you earn diamonds. Similarly, every time you start playing new game, you lose some diamonds. Thus, it is important that you should clear a chapter in minimal number of attempts. Ideally, you should cover the chapters with one attempt. Some users love playing a few chapters again. Replaying is a bad option though, as with replays you diamonds as well as keys. Thus, gamers must avoid replays as much as possible.

Few Effective Tips for Playing Choices Stories You Play

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