“Software”, what is software? You will definitely say software is part of computer or any technological device that contains data or information. Your answer is totally right but simply we can say that software is such kind of thing that connects us with modern technology and makes our work easier. We use various kind of software in our daily life to make our work easier and Sighted is one of them. Sighted is a software that contains the features of free online invoicing.This software gives hundred percent free online invoicing. It has various features that can be used for sending professional quotes to someone, track time and expenses, manage clients, manage products and services, send invoices and most importantly to accept online payments. Check here http://www.sighted.com/for more details regarding sighted.

Benefit of online invoicing through sighted are: –

  1. It reduces your cost on papers, envelops and stamps. It also reduces storage cost.
  2. Everyone knows that time is important hence it helps in saving the time by sending multiple invoices quickly.
  3. You just need internet access to manage this software from anywhere.
  4. Your important data is backed up several times a day.
  5. It eliminates errors by dealing with issues such as missing information and invalid numbers.

There are also various features that sighted provides to its clients are:

  1. It allows an individual to customize and beautify invoices & quotes byusing the function available on sighted such as creating, printing, and sending according to therequirement.
  2. It manages to control your money flowand can also record expanses so that you can manage it easily.
  3. It helps you to work easily with wide range of features thatmake good impression on client so that they can work with you for long duration without any hesitation.
  4. It allows data to be represented in graphical form.
  5. It keeps your data in organized way so that you can find it easily.
  6. It also helps in regulating the services and products very well.
  7. It has important feature so that you can print or send PDF invoices and cash receipts.
  8. It allows to Import and export important data so that your client can inspect it quickly.

Hence you can make your work easier and comfortable with the help of sighted. To know more check here http://www.sighted.com.

Features and benefits of Sighted

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