In Hong Kong teslas are everywhere.  In year 2016, Tesla alone sold more than 6,000 cars in Hong Kong, compared to UK, (2,000), Canada (1,800), and Australia (1,000).  There are some good reasons why such vehicles are very popular here: they’re gorgeous and fast; range anxiety isn’t the issue; and tax incentives didn’t hurt as well. Pointless to say, the electric vehicles have the low carbon footprint, although it’s safe to venture most of the Tesla owners like their vehicles oomph more than the environmental saintliness. EV charger installation station is now at your home to have convenience and higher cost savings. Now as you have joined lines of environmentally conscious consumers everywhere, ensure you are enjoying the new EV tesla charging HK experience. Install the electric vehicle station at your home.

Get Your Residential EV Charging Stations

Lots of businesses now are installing the EV charging stations, as you cannot always rely on the charging space availability and having time you might have to recharge. The EV Charger provides many reliable home chargers from the most trusted industry brands including ClipperCreek, Bosch, GE, EV-Box, Schneider Electric and Leviton.

Best EV Charging Stations For Home Needs

We work jointly with the industry leaders like ClipperCreek, Bosch, eMotorWerks, Efacec, and EV Connect in giving you best solutions that will include:

  • Installation
  • Product range
  • Application for rebates and grants
  • Completing RFPs
  • Network management solution

The electric vehicles aren’t totally emissions-free.  In Hong Kong, power generation mostly relies on the coal, and coal is one dirty energy source, it decreases the charm of the electric vehicles from the environmental view point. Even though they are emissions free, sensible environmental plan should weigh down costs against its benefits.  So, to make the rough calculation, take emissions of the high-performance vehicle, say BMW-750.  The CO2 emissions will be advertised at 187g per km.  In case we run this for 200,000km, the total emissions will be 37.4 tons.

Era Of Electric Vehicle Charging Station To Improve Your Cars Performance

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