Keeping our homes and offices clean is one thing. We care about the environment too. Sometimes we find ourselves cleaning areas close to grass and plants. Our aim is to leave your home better not worse. This why we use detergent free eco-friendly solutions. The eco clean solutions we use are strong enough to clean your drive way but safe for your environment.

When we finish cleaning, we do not want to leave your home and offices with strong smelling chemicals. This is one of the reasons we use eco clean solutions. They clean effectively together with our high end cleaning equipment. The most important thing is that you will be able to occupy the space we have been working on without having to leave because of strong unpleasant chemical smells. This way if there are people who have allergies to certain smells, they are not forced to go away to allow us to clean.

We also use eco clean solutions to not only protect our clients but workers as well. We know that certain chemicals are not only harsh to the skin but they can also be absorbed into the body through the skin. As our client, you do not get to breath in toxic chemicals and our technicians are protected too.

Do not be alarmed at the effectiveness of our solutions because they are detergent free. Our solutions are as strong as or even stronger than chemical detergents. The only difference is the solutions we use protect you as well as do your cleaning. You get it both ways. You do not have to make a choice between your health and the environment. You get to have a clean drive way without having to make a compromise.

We therefore ensure that we not only protect you and your environment, we are playing our role in protecting Dublin. The planet could do with more eco-friendly products and we have taken the step to ensure we do not harm your environment with chemicals. Visit us for all your eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Your family, equipment and environment will always be safe in our hands.


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