Laser tags are laser-shooting guns to have fun and play games just like a real-life combat. Nerf Laser Tags includes 2 Phoenix LTX taggers which include 12 “AA” batteries. It fires an invisible laser that other receiver picks up the laser and reads it as damage done. Nerf laser tag was produced first in 1986.

laser-shooting guns

After the successful release of Deluxe Tagger, it became very popular and was the company released additional taggers and different accessories. In 2012 at a Toy Fair, it was announced by Hasbro that a new laser tag series other than Nerf brand which was called “Laser Tag Augmented Reality” and was compatible with mobile phones in a single player game.


It has very attractive design and specifications are also very easy to handle. One touch loading facility is there for loading and an infra-red laser is a shape of a fan is present at the top of the gun. The laser tag work on battery and requires six “AA” batteries to function.  It has three modes of firing first one is a solo mode for playing with one player. Second and third are for playing with two players and three players respectively. Six caps are at the bottom for keeping laser which makes it little heavy.


The range of the laser is as far as 300 feet (approx.) which is pretty great. It has a wide range and doesn’t limit us. But there are some disadvantages:

  • The drawback is the battery wears out prettyAlso, all hits don’t register correctly.
  • Once the amino is over it needs to be reloaded by the button but for young ones, it may be a bit difficult.

As laser has infra frequency it can sometimes harm eyes while playing in dark for long period of time. It is very unfortunate that manufacturer never discloses these things.


Phoenix LTX Tagger is small and fits well in the hands which make it comfortable for children to hold it too. Its features are well enough to consider it among the best laser tag set. One set consists of 2 daggers. If the number of the player increases the number of daggers also has to be increased to have non-stop enjoyment.This replaced the Nerf series. Under Nerf license, the only tagger to be released was The Phoenix LTX Tagger.


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