As you must be aware of the fact that stronghold security is a dungeon of OSRS, which was said to be found in the Barbarian village, west of the Varrock. However, the dungeon includes 4 different levels that are filled with several aggressive monsters from level 5 and so on. Here we will show you how to make money, especially OSRS Gold from this dungeon.


The door is highly styled and named in order to match the floor you are playing on. Also, between each set of the doors, there is an empty space, where no monster can harm you. You will also find a number of portals that will lead you to the reward rooms, but those portals can only be used if your combat level in the game is high or the reward on the same floor has been already claimed.

The levels

There are 4 levels, which are comparatively harder than the other floors. However, at the end of each level, you will find a reward room that provides you with a unique emote as well as a one-time reward of RS Gold. You can also complete the stronghold if you are unarmed at level 3, but a decent amount of food is highlight recommended when it comes to more challenging floors.

The levels of the game are as follows:

  • Vault of wars
  • CataComb of Famine
  • Pit of Pestilence
  • Sepulcher of Death

The Rewards:

So, when you complete the stronghold of security, you will be provided with a one-time reward of around 10,000 rs gold along with the 4 unique emotes. You can also select a pair of fancy boots or even a pair of fighting boots after that. These portals teleport the individual into the reward room of the respective floor directly.

The Skull Scepter

Another possible reward from the Stronghold of Security is the Skull scepter, which somehow teleports you to the entrance of the stronghold in the Barbarian Village. In order to craft the skull scepter, you must first obtain 4 untradeable pieces are dropped within the stronghold.


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